Learn about Sedation Dentistry and Nitrous Oxide

August 24, 2016

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sedation dentistryHow does most dental phobia begin? Sometimes it’s an overactive gag reflex. Other times, it’s a failed and painful dental procedure. Maybe claustrophobia keeps an individual from getting the dental care they need. Whatever the case, Dr. Deborah Romack and Dr. Garrett Mulkey of Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Weatherford help anxious patients get their care comfortably. Through sedation dentistry, specifically nitrous oxide, dental work is a happy experience. (more…)

Looking for a Dentist in Aledo, TX? Look No Further!

December 1, 2015

dentist aledoBig city benefits with a small town feel? It may sound too good to be true, but you can find all that and more with your dentist in Aledo at Cosmetic & Family Dentistry. Our team combines the latest in technology with the top in comfort to ensure your visit is the best it can be, from start to finish — because we know when you feel good about visiting the dentist, your oral health greatly improves. Keep reading to learn what sets our dental office apart from the rest, then schedule your appointment today.


Relax Your Way to Healthy Teeth With Sedation Dentistry Aledo

September 2, 2015

woman receives sedation dentistry aledo trustsDo you know what the most common fear in adults is? I was surprised to learn it’s not a fear of the dentist — it’s actually a fear of spiders. I’m not sure how they got these results, though… with years and years of experience working on people’s mouths, we’d argue pretty confidently that the fear almost all adults share is a fear of having their teeth worked on.

Sedation Dentistry in Weatherford, TX

April 10, 2015

463781417For some people, even the thought of going to the dentist is frightening. Some may even fail to see the dentist and therefore terribly neglect their oral health, and consequently their overall health may suffer, too. Others can manage to get themselves to the dentist, but they’re certainly not happy to be there! If either of these descriptions remind you of someone you know, then you should also know that there is a solution. Sedation dentistry will dissolve your fears so you can have the dental treatment you need. Dr. Deborah Romack and Dr. Garrett Mulkey at Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Weatherford, TX, offer FREE nitrous oxide for patients who need a little assistance relaxing in the dentist’s chair. (more…)

Sedation Dentistry: Making a Visit to the Dentist Less Scary and More Relaxing

October 29, 2014

76132811In this season of frightening ghosts and goblins, thoughts of scary things come naturally to mind. For many people, one of those is a trip to the dentist. But the thought of dental work doesn’t need to be scary if you know that your dentist has sedation dentistry. Dr. Deborah Romack and Dr. Garrett Mulkey of Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Weatherford, TX, offer free nitrous oxide for patients who need a little help getting comfortable in the dentist’s chair. (more…)