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LipLase – Weatherford, TX

The Easy Way to Achieve a Plumper Pout

Full lips are associated with youth and beauty. Unfortunately, some people’s genetics have endowed them with thin lips. For others, their lips have naturally thinned over time due to a gradual decrease of the structural protein collagen. This decrease can begin as early as age 25! Would you like to give your lips a boost and become the proud owner of a plumper, more youthful pout? Contact us to schedule a consultation for LipLase in Weatherford. This highly effective treatment can add new fullness to your lips without the use of needles or fillers.

What Is LipLase?

Close-up of patient’s lips before and after LipLase in Weatherford LipLase is a lip injection alternative in Weatherford. It works by using a laser to heat the skin’s inner layers and stimulate the body’s natural collagen producing process. After each treatment session, you’ll notice that your lips gradually become fuller and plumper.

Benefits of LipLase

Side view of patient’s lips before and after LipLase treatment LipLase offers numerous benefits, including:

How Does the LipLase Process Work?

Patient’s smile, showing results of LipLase lip-plumping treatment First, your cosmetic dentist in Weatherford will talk to you about LipLase and answer any questions you may have about it. Once you decide to commit to the process, you’ll undergo your first treatment. To ensure your comfort, we’ll apply a topical numbing agent to the area we’re going to treat. This is necessary because the lips are full of nerves, making them quite sensitive. The laser will be applied to both the inside and the outside of your lips. Each LipLase session typically lasts for 30 minutes or less.

The topical anesthesia will wear off quickly, and you’ll be able to resume your daily routine immediately after your treatment. We advise you to apply a vitamin E-containing lip balm following your session. It would also be wise to abstain from lipstick for at least four days. If your lips peel, there is no need for alarm; this side effect is normal and usually quite mild.

Who Is a Candidate for LipLase?

Close-up side view of patient’s lips before and after LipLase LipLase is a great fit for most patients who would like to have plump lips in Weatherford, especially those who dislike the idea of getting fillers injected beneath their skin. However, if you want instant results, LipLase might not be right for you because it takes a few months to produce an optimum pout.

Would you like to learn more about LipLase and how we can use it to help you achieve your ideal smile? Our team of laser dentistry experts are ready to assist you!

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