Frequently Asked Questions

Does your office use lasers?

Our soft-tissue laser allows us to treat gum disease, perform crown lengthening, harvest and place gum grafts, reduce gum tissue for esthetics, and do biopsies. You will need no stitches after laser surgery, and bleeding is minimal. Most patients recover more quickly after laser surgery than they do following traditional surgery.

My smile is missing teeth. What do you suggest I do?

You’ll need to first schedule a consultation with us. Dr. Romack or Dr. Mulkey can assess your oral health and discuss options for replacement teeth. At our office, you can choose from crown and bridgework, partial or full dentures, or dental implants. Dental implants offer the most long-lasting, comfortable, and natural-looking results, but there are a variety of factors to consider when choosing which is right for you.

I avoid dental visits because of anxiety. Can you help?

It is not uncommon for patients to experience dental anxiety, and if this is keeping you from exploring your treatment options, it can be a serious problem. We want to regularly see you at our office because dentistry is so vital for overall health. With oral conscious sedation, we can help you gain full peace of mind so that you can receive the treatment you need and deserve. We also have nitrous oxide available.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Absolutely! We bet you didn’t know that teeth whitening (in some form) has been around since the 1700s. Modern whitening uses safe and effective bleaching gel to melt away stains and discoloration. At Cosmetic & Family Dentistry of Weatherford, we offer Zoom! in-office teeth whitening as well as take-home options.

How can you straighten my smile without using metal braces?

Our office is unique in that we offer complete traditional orthodontics. However, adult patients often prefer to use clear braces whenever possible. That’s why we also offer Invisalign in addition to traditional braces, giving you plenty of options for straightening your smile.

I can’t seem to get enough sleep, I’m always tired! What is causing this problem?

While insomnia is currently the most common sleeping problem in the country, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is quickly catching up. If you’re consistently tired during the day despite sleeping through the night, OSA could very well be the source of your problem. We work with a team of physicians that can first diagnose your condition.  Then, Dr. Romack can help treat the condition right in our office, so don’t hesitate to contact us today!

How often should I see my dentist?

Dr. Deborah Romack and Dr. Garrett Mulkey agree with the American Dental Association: patients of all ages should see their dentist at least twice a year for a standard check-up and cleaning. It’s simply the best way to stop most dental problems before they even start.

What can I do about my cracked and broken teeth?

We can offer you crowns and bridges that are specifically for fixing this exact type of issue. In fact, we offer an entire variety of restorative services to give your smile a little help right when it needs it the most.

Will you take my dental insurance?

We accept most traditional insurance plans, so be sure to contact our office so we can discuss how we can get the most out of your coverage. We do not participate in HMO plans, but we will always be happy to file your claims on your behalf.

I don’t have dental insurance. Can I get some kind of financing?

Yes! We can offer you a CareCredit card that will give you access to low-to-no interest financing for all kinds of healthcare treatments, including dental care.

When should children be screened for orthodontics?


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