FAQS on Root Canal Therapy in Weatherford

October 14, 2016

Root canal therapy from Weatherford dentists, Dr. Romack and Dr. Mulkey, preserves failing teeth. Learn answers to questions about this procedure.

Your tooth really hurts. Your jaw and gums are swollen, plus you have a nasty-tasting drainage coming from the area. You worry that your Weatherford dentist will pull the tooth. Don’t be concerned. You may qualify for root canal therapy, a traditional, two-visit restorative procedure which heals infected, injured or deeply decayed teeth for years of additional service.


Looking for a Dentist in Aledo, TX? Look No Further!

December 1, 2015

dentist aledoBig city benefits with a small town feel? It may sound too good to be true, but you can find all that and more with your dentist in Aledo at Cosmetic & Family Dentistry. Our team combines the latest in technology with the top in comfort to ensure your visit is the best it can be, from start to finish — because we know when you feel good about visiting the dentist, your oral health greatly improves. Keep reading to learn what sets our dental office apart from the rest, then schedule your appointment today.


With Dental Implants, Aledo Residents Enjoy Complete Smiles

February 10, 2015

184898853 (1)If you are missing one or more teeth, then you know that the consequences can be annoying at best and debilitating at worst. You may be reluctant to speak up or smile, because you know people will notice. Eating a healthy diet may be a concern, because you are unable to chew certain foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. With time, the need to replace missing teeth becomes all the more imperative. For Aledo residents, the drive to Weatherford, TX, is worthwhile for lifelike dental implants from Cosmetic & Family Dentistry. (more…)

Repair and Restore Your Smile with Cosmetic Bonding in Weatherford, TX

August 15, 2014

Shutterstock Healthy GumsDo you often find that you avoid smiling in social situations because of a chipped or broken tooth? Perhaps you feel self-conscious about your appearance because of discolored enamel or oddly shaped teeth? At Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Weatherford, TX, Dr. Deborah A. Romack and Dr. Garrett Mulkey provide men and women with an all-encompassing array of cosmetic dental solutions to revitalize their smiles and restore their confidence. One of the most common cosmetic solutions is dental bonding. (more…)

Keep Your Dentures Looking and Feeling Their Best with Proper Denture Care

August 14, 2014

187007308At Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Weatherford, TX, Dr. Deborah A. Romack and Dr. Garett Mulkey want their patients to enjoy optimal oral health and beautiful smiles for life. That is why we offer an extensive range of restorative dentistry solutions to patients with damaged or missing teeth, along with practical, valuable advice for patients with dentures and partials. (more…)

How Can Dental Implants Help You?

June 2, 2014

shutterstock_46186261If you are missing one or more teeth, you fully understand how this common dental problem can negatively affect how you enjoy life. At Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Weatherford, TX, Dr. Deborah Romack and Dr. Garrett Mulkey offer a variety of restorative dental options to help you reclaim your healthy smile, including the placement and restoration of dental implants. (more…)