FAQS on Root Canal Therapy in Weatherford

October 14, 2016

Root canal therapy from Weatherford dentists, Dr. Romack and Dr. Mulkey, preserves failing teeth. Learn answers to questions about this procedure.

Your tooth really hurts. Your jaw and gums are swollen, plus you have a nasty-tasting drainage coming from the area. You worry that your Weatherford dentist will pull the tooth. Don’t be concerned. You may qualify for root canal therapy, a traditional, two-visit restorative procedure which heals infected, injured or deeply decayed teeth for years of additional service.


Looking for a Dentist in Aledo, TX? Look No Further!

December 1, 2015

dentist aledoBig city benefits with a small town feel? It may sound too good to be true, but you can find all that and more with your dentist in Aledo at Cosmetic & Family Dentistry. Our team combines the latest in technology with the top in comfort to ensure your visit is the best it can be, from start to finish — because we know when you feel good about visiting the dentist, your oral health greatly improves. Keep reading to learn what sets our dental office apart from the rest, then schedule your appointment today.


Save a Tooth and Save Your Smile with Root Canal Therapy for Aledo, TX

November 10, 2014

480377293If you’ve ever had a toothache, then you know that the pain can be almost indescribable. You’ll do practically anything to get rid of the pain. You’ll even consider a root canal! Actually, root canals get a bad rap. In truth, a root canal is a painless procedure that not only eliminates the pain but also the cause of the pain. Dr. Deborah Romack of Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Weatherford, TX and serving Aledo, TX, can give you the relief you need and save your tooth and your smile with her expertise in root canal therapy. (more…)

Root Canal Therapy for Weatherford and Beyond

February 12, 2014

root canal therapyOur teeth are made up of three layers: the protective outer layer of enamel, a layer of sensitive dentin underneath and, at the very center, a chamber containing the pulp that makes up a tooth’s nerve. Sometimes, because of an injury or extensive decay, a tooth’s nerve can become vulnerable to infection. When that happens, a root canal will help you treat your uncomfortable symptoms and save the tooth. (more…)