Holiday Tradition or Dental Demolition? Three Traditional Drinks That Are Harsh on Your Teeth

December 13, 2023

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Red wine

The holidays are those special times of year when people put down the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a while so they can enjoy some time with friends and family. These occasions are often wonderful opportunities to enjoy a drink with your loved ones, and there are many beverages that are considered traditional for the season. While these libations can be festive and delicious, some can be harsh on your teeth if you are not careful. Here are three drinks to be wary of to keep your teeth healthy while celebrating the holidays.

Hot Chocolate Has Lots of Sugar

The holiday season takes place during the colder months, and hot chocolate has long been celebrated for its hearty taste and how it can warm a drinker up. Unfortunately, this dark, sweet concoction is heavy on sugars, and drinking it will coat your teeth in a sugary residue that will feed the oral bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease. Drinking too much hot chocolate without practicing proper oral care can lead to emergency dental appointments down the line.

Red Wine Can Stain Your Teeth

Holiday celebrations often involve some of the finest meals that many people will enjoy all year. This often means red meat like roast beef, prime rib, or lamb, and few beverages pair as well with such dishes as red wine. Red wine has been a favorite beverage for special occasions for thousands of years thanks to its robust, biting taste and its dark yet warm color. Unfortunately, red wine is high in acid, which gives it its bite, and pigments, which give it its color.

The acid in red wine will begin weakening your enamel on contact, which makes it easier for the pigments to bind with it. If you consume too much red wine without cleaning your teeth properly, your smile can take on a purple tinge.

Eggnog Can Harm Your Smile

Few beverages are as strongly associated with the holiday season as eggnog. Unfortunately, this beverage is rich in sugar, acid, and dairy. The sugars in eggnog will feed the germs that cause oral infections, the acid it contains will weaken your enamel, and the dairy ingredients can cause bad breath by forming sulfur compounds in your mouth. Enjoy eggnog in moderation.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy a favorite holiday beverage with your loved ones. It just means you should take care to do so in moderation while consistently practicing proper oral hygiene. It’s also a great idea to enjoy these beverages alongside a tall glass of water, as this will promote your mouth’s natural cleaning process and help wash away sugary residues and food debris.

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