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Gum Disease Treatment - Weatherford, TX

Protect Your Oral and Overall Health

Gum disease. These two words can mean very serious trouble for your smile. When your gums are unhealthy, it can lead to extensive damage and, eventually, tooth loss. Your gums work together with your jaw bone to hold your teeth in place, and as they erode, it can leave your teeth feeling loose. Gum disease also contributes to bone loss as it advances, and the infection can spread to other parts of the body, influencing heart health and contributing to diabetes and other health problems. For Weatherford, TX and the surrounding communities, Dr. Deborah Romack and Dr. Garrett Mulkey provide non-surgical periodontal therapy to help patients with gum disease rediscover their oral health.

Gum disease isn't just one of the most common oral health problems -- it's one of the most common diseases in general! Many people have gum disease and don't realize it, either because they don't know the symptoms or they don't have any. The first line of defense is regular check-ups and cleanings, which give us the chance to prevent and diagnose your gum disease for early intervention and treatment if necessary. This treatment will generally involve non-surgical periodontal therapy.

If you notice bleeding gums, don't ignore this common telltale sign of gum disease! Come and see the team at Cosmetic and Family Dentistry of Weatherford where we happily serve families from Aledo, Brock, Millsap, Mineral Wells, and Springtown, Texas, too.

Scaling & Root Planing

If you develop an advanced case of gum disease, one of the ways we can treat it is with a pair of procedures called scaling and root planing.

For scaling, your doctor will use small manual tools to remove accumulated plaque and bacteria from your gum line. Most of it will be gathered in periodontal pockets, which are the small spaces between your teeth and your gums. This is where gum disease typically develops, and scaling is used to treat the source of the infection.

Afterward, root planing involves gently shaping the roots of your teeth to smooth them out. This serves two purposes. Firstly, it makes it much harder for plaque and bacteria to gather there in the future. Secondly, it helps in the healing process and makes it easier for your gum tissue to reattach to your teeth. A patient will feel very little discomfort while undergoing scaling and root planing, and most of the time, the procedures can be completed in just one visit.

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Soft Tissue Laser

Another option we have for treating gum disease is with a soft tissue laser. The Picasso Diode Laser is able to clear away plaque and bacteria from the gums just as effectively as scaling, but does so while minimally disturbing the surrounding tissue. What does that mean? It means the procedure itself is practically painless, and your recovery time will be extremely short. It truly is one of the most patient-friendly ways to treat gum disease.

Antibiotic Therapy

After your gums have been cleaned, your doctor may choose to use antibiotic therapy to prevent the infection from coming back while you recover. For this, they will apply a substance called Arestin directly to your gums. It is made of thousands of tiny microspheres that will gradually release the medicine over time. This slow release will enable it to work during your entire recovery period. Your doctor will simply put the Arestin into a tube and gently spread it along your gum line. The process is entirely painless but provides real results.

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