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Lip and Tongue Tie – Weatherford, TX

Get the 411 on Lip and Tongue Tie

Lip and tongue tie are common issues. Lip tie is a condition wherein the piece of tissue that connects the upper lip to the gums is too short or thick. Tongue tie is similar to lip tie, but it refers to a condition wherein the tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth restricts the tongue’s movement. Although lip and tongue tie may seem like minor annoyances, they can lead to devastating consequences if left untreated. On this page, we provide information to help you recognize lip and tongue tie so you can seek needed treatment for you or one of your loved ones.

Symptoms in Infants and Children

baby breastfeeding

Your baby may be suffering from lip or tongue tie if:

If you are a breastfeeding mother, your infant’s condition may affect you as well. You might experience:

Lip and tongue tie in Weatherford will continue to cause issues as your child grows, until well after they are no longer breastfeeding. They may hold their tongue in an incorrect position, which can affect dental development. They could be slow to learn how to speak and experience low self-esteem. Migraines, sleep apnea, and behavioral issues are also common.

Symptoms in Adults

frowning woman sticking tongue out

If you have lip or tongue tie, you may have learned to adapt to the inconveniences that come with your condition. However, you may still experience a number of serious issues, including:

Lip and Tongue Tie Treatment for All Ages

family sticking tongues out

Treatment for Infants

If you think your little one has lip or tongue tie, bring them to our office as soon as possible. The treatment Dr. Romack uses to address these conditions (an infant laser frenectomy in Weatherford) is fast and painless — even for babies! The CO2 laser cuts through the restrictive tissue to free the lip or tongue to move as it should. Breastfeeding should be possible immediately after the procedure.

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Treatment for Children and Adults

Dr. Romack also uses the CO2 laser to address lip and tongue tie in school-age children and adults. However, further treatment might be necessary following the frenectomy. For example, patients may need therapy to help them learn how to hold their tongue in its proper resting position. Orthodontics might also be necessary to correct any dental development issues that occurred as a result of tongue tie.

Would you like to learn more about lip and tongue tie and how our team treats them? Contact us today to ask questions or schedule a consultation. 

Tongue Tie Transformation

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