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CO2 Laser Frenectomy – Weatherford, TX

A Fast, Easy Treatment for Tongue Tie

Every parent’s hope is that their child is born perfect from head to toe. Unfortunately, though, sometimes even small imperfections in a baby’s body can lead to serious complications later on. Tongue tie, for instance, can lead to speech problems later in life. It could also make it difficult for the baby to breastfeed and swallow properly. To correct tongue tie, Dr. Romack uses a CO2 laser in Weatherford, which creates to a quick and easy surgical experience for even the youngest patients.

What Is Tongue Tie?

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Everyone is born with a lingual frenulum. It is the small piece of tissue that connects the bottom of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. Sometimes, though, an infant is born with a lingual frenulum that is too thick, short, or tight. In some cases, tongue tie doesn’t present any symptoms and does not necessarily need to be corrected. However, when the condition is serious enough that it restricts tongue movement and can affect the child’s quality of life, treatment is recommended.

A frenectomy is the standard treatment for tongue. During a traditional frenectomy, a doctor uses a pair of sterile scissors to snip the frenulum, thereby freeing the tongue. It is a simple surgical procedure that is effective a high percentage of the time. However, there may be slight bleeding. As always, there is also a small risk of other complications. A frenectomy using a CO2 laser has become the preferred treatment option among many medical professionals.

What Is a CO2 Laser Frenectomy?

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A CO2 laser is a type of gas laser, which pushes an electric current through a gas (in this case, CO2) to produce a highly concentrated beam of light. This technology is able to cut into some types of tissue, including the lingual frenulum.

During a laser frenectomy, there is no need for Dr. Romack, your dentist in Weatherford, to numb the baby’s mouth. The lingual frenulum contains few nerve endings and blood vessels, which means that the child is unlikely to feel anything. The doctor simply activates the laser, snips the frenulum to the proper degree, and that’s it! The procedure takes a matter of seconds, and it involves no bleeding. Immediately afterward, a child is able to eat and start enjoying life to a fuller extent.

Does Your Child Need Tongue Tie Treatment?

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Here are a few indicators that your child may need tongue tie treatment:

If tongue tie is severe enough, leaving it untreated could lead to improper development of the lower teeth, obstructive sleep apnea, and other complications. Early diagnosis and treatment prevent such issues.

If you suspect your little one has tongue tie in Weatherford and that treatment may be necessary, contact our office. Dr. Romack and the rest of our team will be happy to help your baby get on the path to a healthier, more functional smile.

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