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Benefits of Invisalign® – Weatherford, TX

The Most Transparent Path to Straight Teeth

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For years, traditional braces have been the only solution to removing gaps in your smile. It was the only solution to improve your overall bite, make your teeth more aligned, or reduce the negative effects of crowding. Now, thanks to clear aligner technology from Invisalign, you no longer have to settle with the pitfalls that comes with traditional orthodontic treatment. Drs. Deborah Romack and Garret Mulkey are prepared to examine your issues in great detail and put you on the best path towards a more attractive and healthier smile. Contact our office to schedule your consultation!

Maintain Your Appearance

A person holding a clear aligner.

The plastic used for clear aligners is incredibly transparent. In fact, it is so transparent, that no one around you will even notice that you’re wearing the aligners unless you tell them or you remove your pair in front of them. As long as you clean them and brush your teeth after eating richly pigmentated foods, then you won’t leave stains on them nor lose their transparency. If you’re someone who relies on their appearance for their job, you don’t have to sacrifice it just to achieve a straighter smile. And, if you have an important occasion coming up, such as a wedding, your wedding photos don’t have to include a metal mouth.

Improved Comfort

A person holding a clear aligner.

Invisalign clear aligners are made from smooth plastic, which fit snugly around each of your teeth. Since you’re going to wear them for about 20 to 22 hours per day for several months, it’s incredibly important that they feel comfortable. As a metal-free solution to orthodontics, clear aligners are truly ideal for long-term use. There’s no risk of metal components (i.e. brackets and wires) breaking or bending. Dental emergencies can easily happen if metal orthodontics get damaged, but clear aligners prevent this issue in the first place.

Freedom to Eat the Foods You Want

A person holding a clear aligner.

Clear aligners from Invisalign are completely removable. This makes sense since you’ll have to remove them to eat meals and practice oral care, but it’s quite a major benefit when compared to traditional orthodontics. Braces force you to constrict your diet and avoid eating foods that could get caught in or even damaged your hardware. With clear aligners, you simply remove them and place them in your protective case. You can even chew gum! Just make sure to never eat with the aligners still in as they are not strong enough to withstand daily chewing forces.

Faster Results

A person holding a clear aligner.

Traditional braces require at minimum two years of wear before any results can occur. With Invisalign clear aligners, your treatment only takes between 10 and 18 months. It’s one of the fastest orthodontic treatments on the market that keeps aesthetics, comfort and functionality in mind. On top of that, because you’re getting the entire series of aligner upfront, you don’t have to visit the dentist as often as you would if you had traditional braces.


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